The Mad Greek Deli is located in Portland, Oregon. This mural is the entire length of the side of the building. This is my largest project to date measuring almost 45 feet long and 20 feet tall. Located 1740 E Burnside St. This project took 23 days. It is a mix between spray paint and wall paint in the background and fully all hand painted with heavy body acrylics and exterior wall paint on the foreground. This inspiration comes from the original owner Pondo that is represented as the soccer player and the year of which the deli was established is his number. I tried to pay homage to the original owner that has passed and the city of Portland represented in the soccer ball. That ball design was one of Portland Timbers Championship balls. The Mad Greek Deli is an official Portland Timbers soccer bar. Although I had to represent a Greek building and soccer in someway, I did have a lot of artistic freedom on this project and was able to use the colors, the building and any type of soccer representation that I chose. This was such a rewarding and challenging project for me and I look forward to doing another one of their locations.