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   Motivation and inspiration for an artist is really two of some of the strongest pillars that keep us standing strong in creating and progressing with our art. I’ve experienced going through phases of not feeling either of these and times I felt one and not the other. So what are ways to keep motivated? What are ways to get inspired and stay inspired? Maybe you’re struggling with knowing if it’s normal to feel this way. This blog today I’ll talk about my ways I stay inspired and motivated, and ways I’ve dealt with the feelings of losing them. 

    Motivation is the drive to achieve your goals or needs. Motivation in all aspects of life is so important and crucial for our lifestyle and mental health. It allows us to be creative, change our behaviors, make plans, set goals, develop talents, and overall keep going. Motivation can be really challenging when dealing with struggles in life, depression, a busy schedule, whatever it might be that’s hard for you to stay motivated.

   For me personally motivation can be challenging during slow seasons or times of my art. When I don’t have an art event, fair, mural, show, or commission coming up it’s sometimes discouraging and hard to want to create. Being aware that I’m doing this helps me try to acknowledge my behaviors and adjust them. Thinking of things that can help you stay motivated or help you get motivated in other aspects of your routine and lifestyle, can have a positive affect on getting you motivated artistically as well. If you get motivated to go to the gym or to do an exercise, maybe try to add an hour after that for art; Sketching, painting, planning etc. Adding art to your routine can help motivate you to work on something even if you’re not fully in the mood for it. Try to make a schedule for your art. Try to make your days off, art days. Even half art days in the morning and leaving the evening for other fun activities or hanging out with friends can be beneficial. When I’m not motivated, having a scheduled time to sit down and work on things can MAKE me work. I’m not always motivated for the gym but when I get there, I end up doing a good workout. Sometimes on my least motivated days I end up producing the best art.

   If you’re someone that does art part time, full time, or just for fun right now, doing events or fairs can help get you motivated to produce. Giving yourself a deadline can help push you to get what you need to get done. If fairs and events aren’t your thing maybe try to jump on an art challenge. They can be a great way to really engage with your followers, get new ones, and motivate you to produce more art. Sometimes I lack motivation with actually getting to my canvas and physically painting. Helping motivate me to get there and start can simply be planning out what I’m gonna do once I get there. Sketching out paintings, drawing in procreate, laying out colors I’m going to use, or getting the canvas size I want. These little things can help simply get your mind stimulated and excited to start your next piece. 

    Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm, from someone or something. It gives you new and creative ideas. Inspiration can be sparked from imagination, experiences and often inspires us to pursue things when in that state of mind. Inspiration is just as important as motivation and both go hand in hand in producing art. If you’re inspired you’re more motivated to move forward with what you’re wanting to achieve. Inspiration makes us more confident, passionate and often happier people. So what inspires you? What helps you spark that inspiration? What are the things that make you feel inspired around you?

   For me inspiration really comes from my surroundings. Which for some could be a really challenging thing, and could be a reason some people DONT feel inspired. I like my art space to be really organized and clean. So keeping it that way or taking time to organize it, can keep me wanting to go back and get comfortable spending time there. I like to paint near a window or write and draw on my patio when I’m home. Being close or in nature is very inspiring for me. If you’re someone who feels the same, but doesn’t have the luxury of having their studio or art space in an ideal location. Try to bring your sketchbook or easel to the beach, park or on a hike. Maybe take your iPad to a cafe and work on some stuff around others that are focused. Others working hard or staying focused can inspire you to focus and do the same. 

    I currently live in Florida so I spend a lot of my free time at the beach and in the ocean. This has inspired me greatly to work on aquatic art pieces and work with more beautiful blues and iridescent paints. So whether you’re living by the beach, forest, desert, or in the snow. There’s inspiration all around you for beautiful art.

   During the pandemic I went home to Oregon to spend time with my family. I’m not someone that sits at home for days on end very well. I like to be active and outgoing, I like to engage with the world around me. During that time i started to go a little nuts inside and needed to get out. I found inspiration through hiking, and going on walks everyday. I started to sketch in the local park near my mom’s house. I brought a blanket, water, snacks, and some headphones, and just enjoyed the freedom I had in that moment. I went out of my way a little, but it made for a lot of inspiration and progress. 

    Music is another way for me to be inspired. From a young age my mind always formed images when listening to music; art pieces were inspired, poems were written. Music is a great way to shut everything off around you, get inspired and to feel confident. When you start off a painting with a positive and confident mind, you will create better art. So turn up your music, and get in your zone.
     When you’re ready to paint, draw, or whatever form of art you do, but you’re not feeling that inspired or don’t feel like going out or listening to music. A way to get your creative juices flowing can be to start looking at images of things you’re thinking of creating. When I’m starting an art piece sometimes I look at Pinterest for days before I form a solid good idea or vision worth creating in my head. If I’m painting a wildcat, I’ll look at images of cats, sketches, paintings, landscapes. I create the environment and vision in my head and let my creativity do the rest. Try doing inspiration boards, or creative planning and see how that inspires you.

   Inspiration is in your surroundings, which means the people surrounding you have a big impact on this as well. Try to surround your lifestyle with inspirational friends, social media or with other creative peers or groups like yourself. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to keep working on your craft and that give you positive feedback. Follow other artists that are on your path. Whether they’re just starting out, or very experienced. Staying connected and inspired in the art community with other artists is important. Feeling like you have a sense of community around your passion or what you’re doing helps inspire you to keep progressing. If you’re not into social media (well you’re probably not reading this blog then 😆) but if you want a real physical community of artists, think of looking into paint and sips or art collectives in your area. Look into art spaces or art talks that have fun nights or events that offer connections to other creators.

    Social media is a great tool, and I will always go back to this throughout my writing. Social media can be distracting no doubt but can also keep you inspired. It can show that you’re inspiring others. Even early on, starting out on my page I got immense support. I received messages from young children starting out with their art, and also adults needing direction. Being an inspiration, is an inspiration. Knowing that what you’re creating or doing is touching or helping someone in someway is a powerful feeling. Social media can be difficult at times because you can find yourself comparing. Always remember that everyone was once at your point no matter where that is. Use it as an inspirational tool, not as a judgement zone. Seeing artist succeed is not a threat, it’s a blessing. Seeing others succeed in what you’re hoping to accomplish, should be a very inspiring and hopeful feeling; that its achievable. 

    This is all positive and helpful. I bet everyone’s who’s stuck through reading this so far is just bursting with motivation and inspiration, aren’t you? BUT if you’re not yet, and if you’re just not feeling motivated some days and not inspired by anything. Sometimes just let yourself have that day. Take the day off, do something different, try something new. Maybe you’ve been doing too much and that’s what you’re struggling with is needing a break. So take it. If I paint for days I need a day off or I see that I’m not painting as fast or sometimes not even as good. Taking that much needed time, or day break can be surprisingly helpful in your progress. That day might bring you the inspiration and motivation that you needed. 

   I’ve been full of tons of advice and ideas of what has personally worked for me and helped me. I’m not claiming to be a professional in anything in anyway but just giving insight from an artists mind. Everything I talk about here is just my thoughts and feelings. If anything I say or talk about helps others or even gives other creators just a safe space to feel that their similar feelings are valid. That’s all I can hope for. I would love to hear from other artists and creative readers their ways of staying motivated and inspired in the comments. I’d love to hear what works and doesn’t. Remember to stay motivated and inspired my fellow artists. Focus on always creating! 

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